Service Coverage Status

Beta Release

Our goal is for open source SSPs to cover all shoppable encounters for care. However, our first focus is on the 500 shoppable services required by the Transparency in Coverage rule. We track progress towards both milestones below.

All Shoppable Services


The SSP library currently covers 79% of all Shoppable Services, as defined in a 10-million-claim sample of elective admission hospital encounters between 2019 and 2021.

CMS-Mandated Shoppable Services


The SSP library currently covers 94% of all CMS Shoppable Services mandated by the Hospital Price Transparency and Transparency in Coverage rules.

SSP Grouper Status

Alpha Release

As patient estimate solutions evolve, technology will need to match free-text estimate requests with the service package that best aligns with the patient’s care. The open source SSP grouper will bridge estimate requests with tailored estimates.

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Clinical Project Status

SSPs must be clinically reviewed and coupled with patient-friendly plain language descriptions. The project also seeks to take on more complex episodes of care over time to help project costs for chronic conditions and severe illnesses.

Feature Description Status
Service Package Localizable Customization Customize service packages to your organization's utilitation In Development
Service Package API Incorporate SSPs into your software platform Alpha
Episode Service Packages Groups of events within complex clinical episodes In Development
Event Service Packages Moderate-complexity healthcare events with all inclusive charges Beta
Simple Service Packages Single charge transactional services Beta
Diagnosis Code Inclusion Service packages severity-adjusted by diagnosis Beta
Professional Fee Inclusion Assigned professional fees along with Institutional fees Beta
Patient Friendly Long Description Easy-to-understand longform service descriptors Beta
Patient Friendly Short Description Easy-to-understand clinical descriptors Beta
Patient Friendly Name Easy-to-understand services names Beta

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