Born out of necessity and built to meet demand.

Coding inaccuracies and billing errors lead to lost or inflated revenue, all while confusing patients to no end.

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A standard package service library built to prepare you for No Surprises, Good Faith Estimates, and Advanced EOBs.

Simplifying healthcare's administrative puzzle.

Reporting care has gotten overly complex. SSP solves for this by distilling encounters to a single code.

Engineering and organization friendly.

Calling the SSP API is as easy as adding a few lines of code and it delivers a solution for pain points across your organization.

Open to the community, forever.

We believe a system that touches as many lives as medical bills do, should be transparent and collaborative.

Anatomy of a service package.

  • 1

    A unique identifying alphanumeric code for clear reporting.

  • 2

    An applicable name describing the service(s).

  • 3

    Categorization and tagging for easy discovery.

  • 4

    Bundling all services, fees, and codes for a specific procedure.

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