What the health is a Standard Service Package?

Standard Service Packages gather all medical services, materials, and fees associated with a healthcare procedure and represent them as a single code. We're simplifying the world of healthcare billing.

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Endoscopic Ureteral Stone Fragmentation and Stent Placement

  • Urology

Ureteroscopy, Pyeloscopy, Lithotripsy with Cystourethroscopy

  • Urology

Exploratory Endoscopic Procedures with Biopsy And/or Destruction of Ureter/renal Tissue

  • Urology

Endoscopic Urological Procedures

  • Urology

What's so special about them?

Created by industry experts and a team of A-list engineers, Standard Service Packages are neatly bundled, aptly categorized, and accurately tagged to meet the needs of patients, providers and payers.

Let’s make an event out of it.

SSP bundles all the codes for materials, services, and procedures for a patient encounter into an ‘event’. No more scratching your head when you receive a bill.

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Organization makes for a good foundation.

SSP is categorized by body system and specialty for an easy browsing experience. Every package has a name that your teenager can understand.

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Created by healthcare and tech leaders.

Managed by healthcare leaders, engineered by tech pros. SSP leverages decades of experience to address the needs of stakeholders across the healthcare industry.

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Always free and always open source.

Standard Service Packages' mission will always be transparency, and our goal is that SSP becomes the healthcare standard. So we want everyone to use it, with no barriers.

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Born out of necessity and demand.

Providers and payers need a simpler way to communicate. Patients want to understand their bills. SSP can do it all.

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Open collaboration for a better service.

In order for SSP to become the healthcare standard we need a strong community. Reach out to get involved.

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